Justin Davies – Author

Hey! You found me! I’m Justin, and this is my website.

I write children’s books. Funny ones.

My first book is called Help! I Smell a Monster, and was published by Orchard Books in May 2019. It has monsters in it – good ones; bad ones; big ones; small ones. Monsters that fly; monsters that crawl; even monsters that walk and talk just like you! (Warning! Some of the monsters in my book smell REALLY BAD – you have been warned). It also has a brave hero called Alice who has to face all her worst phobias almost at once!

The next book in the series is called Whoa! I Spy a Werewolf and was published in January 2020. It is stuffed full of more monsters and a lot more mayhem!

The utterly wonderful Kim Geyer has done the brilliant illustrations. Why not visit her website to see more of her amazing drawings? Click here to be wowed by Kim’s illustration skill.


*** Covid-19 Update ***

Due to the current situation, I am unable to attend book festivals, bookshop events or make my usual school visits. I can’t wait to be able to do all those things again, but in the meantime, please visit my YouTube channel, where I am reading every chapter from my books. There’s a writing challenge at the end of every video too! If you’d like me to pay your school a virtual visit via Zoom or Skype etc, then please get in touch to discuss what I can offer.